Tour TitleTEMEKET- “epiphany” festival at Gonder with Historic route tour
Tour TypeFestival of Timket, history, religious, rock churches, boat trip
Activity levelEasy
Tour CodeMTT 04
Tour Duration11 Days & 10 Nights
Mode of TransportationDomestic Flight & Drive -/Minivans/Buses
No of travelerPrivate/Groups/ Joining
Type of accommodationOption of -Up market/ Midrange/ Budget
Attraction HighlightsTIMKET - (Epiphany the baptism of Christ, January 18th, 19th & 20th)
Timket is the greatest festival of the Ethiopian year, falling just 2 weeks after Ethiopian Christmas. It is actually a 3-day (January 18-20) affair preceded by the eve of Timket when the dramatic processions take place through a night of fasting, to the great day itself and the commemoration of Christ's baptism in the Jordan River. Ketera, the Eve of Timket is when the Priests bring out the Tabots - replicas of the 2 tablets of laws received by Moses, which are normally housed inside the altar symbolizing the Ark of the Covenant. Priests bless the water of the pool or river where the next day's celebration will take place. It is the Tabot, rather than the church building which is consecrated and given extreme reverence. Visitors have the unique chance to experience a festival lost to the rest of the world.

The famous historic route is one of the best destinations in the world to travel centuries back to perceive the civilizations of the ancient and medieval Ethiopia, medieval monasteries of lake Tana, African Camelot castle of Gonder, the UNESCO list Simien mountains, Axum birth place of Ethiopian civilizations, UNESCO registered eighth wonders of world- Lalibela are living testimonies that endow with you a complete and full history of the country