Tour TitleRock churches of Tigray and the surrounding
Tour TypeRock-hewn churches, history, Christianity, rock climbing, culture
Activity levelModerate/ vigorous
Tour CodeMTT 08
Tour Duration3 Days & 2 Nights
Mode of TransportationDrive & Domestic flights Minivans, Buses (4x4s is recommended)
No of travelerPrivate/Groups/ Joining
Type of accommodationOptional Up market/ Midrange/ Budget with optional camping
Attraction HighlightsOver 125 rocks hewn churches are recorded in Tigray region. The rock churches of Tigray do not function primarily as tourist attraction they were generally excavated using a very different method from that at Lalibela, the antiquity of most of the Tigraian rock-hewn churches remains largely a matter of speculate. Every church has its own oral tradition regarding its excavation, in many cases the church is dated to the reign of Abreha-we-Astebeha the twin Emperors of Axum who converted to Christianity in the middle of the 4th century.